In the other tutorials our focus was pulling images from blog posts to display within your Grid and now we are exploring how to make a Custom Grid with a lightbox feature.

Sarah Oates of Endure Web Studios is our Guru on the Essential Grid Plugin for WordPress.  In these tutorials Sarah is using the Divi Theme for WordPress to create awesome photo galleries.

This tutorial will help you if you want the  image:

  • Once clicked on from a Grid to display a lightbox and not link through to a blog.
  • If you want to specify which images to use in the grid, not necessarily use the featured images from your blog posts / pages / projects to appear in the grid.

You will see how to:

  • Use the Custom Grid (as opposed to using posts, pages or custom which is what we have done in previous tutorials).
  • Bulk add as many photos from your Media Library as you wish.
  • How to add the filer tags.
  • How to rearrange the order of the images in the grid.
  • How to set up the lightbox and the setting for users to click through your photo album.

Who the custom grid great for:

  • Anyone who wants the site visitor to click on an image and see it nice and large, photographers, interior designers, artists, e-commerce or anyone with a portfolio of work.