Laura Heuer

Entrepreneurs wear many hats, do many tasks and therefore can spend hours just to support their business. By utilizing key tools you will be able to free up time to do what you love.

Laura is a web designer, a creative, a business coach, and a bit of a productivity geek (out of need), but being parents with her husband to three wonderful boys is her favorite job.

Laura is now focused on the aspects of her work she likes most. Utilizing her productivity needs, business coaching background, web development skills, and WordPress knowledge, Laura is able to help businesses free up time and become more productive.

With her own passion for productivity tools, Laura developed the Simply Productive online course. The course enables Laura to design more, travel more, and create more unforgettable memories while remaining in the consulting and web design fields. On any given day, you can find Laura hard at work with clients or hard at play enjoying the “ahhhh!” moments.


Learn the tools that will help you grow your business! Learn how to manage information, streamline clients, professionally handle the books, manage time, create designs and be more productive!
Become streamlined and efficient with your business so that you have more time for the things you love!